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Department of Foreign Language and Art Design

Department of Foreign Language and Art Design of Cangzhou Technical College includes Business English, Film and Television Advertising Art, Art Design, Customs Declaration & International Transportation, with 29 professional teachers among which 16 are professors or associate professors, 8 lecturers. 15 of them are master graduates and 14 have bachelor degrees.

The teachers have succeeded in writing textbooks like ¡¶Practical English¡·¡¶Advertisement¡·¡¶POP Advertisement¡·¡¶Graphic Design¡·and relevant references with 115 professional essays. The teachers experience? abundant simultaneous interpretation when guests coming to our college from English-speaking, Russian-speaking and Japanese-speaking countries. Some? English teachers like Rui Chunhong, Wang Junxian and Liu Chong, are part-time English consultants in some companies. Some famous teachers like Zhang Yanxia, Liu Shiyuan from Art Design Office have trained some qualified talents of Film and Television Advertising Art and ?Art Design in some provincial ads companies.

Advanced teaching concepts, precise teaching style and solid learning atmosphere make some prominent teachers with outstanding teaching achievements. The scientific projects £¬¡¶Training Model of Self-learning Ability for Higher-college Students¡·and ¡¶Teaching Model of Business English Combining Working and Learning¡·were approved by Hebei Province in 2006 and in 2007. Rui Chunhong and Zhang Yanxia ,etc. get high evaluation in teaching both by college and by students. Colorful activities are organized to improve students¡¯ listening, speaking, self-learning, communication and professional skills.

In 2007£¬ 36 graduates from this department were pre-employed during their pracrice. Yang Peipei, Yin Huifang, Liu Jingjing were sent to Shanghai Motor Show to introduce the products and business negotiation which was from and to good praise. In 2008 and 2009, many students were sent to Canton Fair to do business. It is the first of all in the college for a student of 2007-business-English major to get 70000 yuan annual pay in Cangzhou .

With the great development of economy, more and more talents of ads creation and art design are needed with 100% employment in 2007, 20 students employed in Shanghai, Hangzhou£¬Guangzhou£¬Beijing and Shijiazhuang which results from some knowledgeable and practical famous teachers like Zhang Yanxia, Liu Shiyuan and Zhou Shanshan who are devisers and designers for some ads companies. Liu Shiyuan has brought great economic efficiency for Cangzhou Netcom by designing PAS ads. Wang Yaohui¡¯s? creative works in the indoor and outdoor are reused by many websites for his? deep attainments .

Department of Foreign Language and Art Design set up excellent practice bases for students through business communication such as ¡° Hongbanma Ads Company¡± ¡° Feitian Art Design Company¡± which creates superior conditions for students¡¯ training and employment.

Fine academic atmosphere leads to fine teaching style and high qualified teachers train talents of high English and art design for society with high reputation in the college, such as Li Kun of 0401-Film and Tv Ads is employed by Baotou Daily by his actual strength which is admired by many master graduates and bachelor graduates.

This department strengthens actively subjects by establishing Public English Office, Business English Office, Art Design Office to guide combination of learning-production-research of this department and students¡¯ practice,? training,? graduation projects and thesis in order to found a basis for students¡¯ employment while improving development of this department.

Business English construction is employment-orientation facing foreign-funded enterprises , Sino-foreign joint ventures and large-medium enterprises by means of training students¡¯ ability of business English writing , of identifying students¡¯ oral abilities , of educating students¡¯ business-trade operation skills in modern enterprises and ability of public communication in foreign affairs.

Art Design is combining modern science, aesthetics information technology in order to make students grasp forms of expressions and skills of modern business, environment and ads art, also master basic theory, design knowledge, design creation , design production of business art design by training students with high qualification in Image Designing of modern enterprises and products, style design of products, construction and fitting decoration design , interior design, environmental art design, computer art design, ads decoration, and design show by learning and practicing relevant courses of art design, whose construction features are ¡° aiming at posts , facing the first line, one profession with more skills and constant creation¡± which stress practical ability and teaching practice in order to perfect theory teaching and vocational practice.

Department of Foreign Language and Art Design now has 4 language labs, 2 multi-media language labs,1 Image-editing room,2 multi-purpose halls, 1 art design computer room, 1 studio,?? 1 training room for foreign trade correspondence, 1 show room for art design with Japanese? MIMAKI of 3 million yuan . In 2008, 1 million was used to install experiment equipments which can undertake practice and training in business English and art design. Many training bases outside school cooperating with large-medium enterprises provide good conditions both for students¡¯ training English and for course practice of students in fields of image design of products, style design of products, construction and fitting decoration design , interior design, environmental art design, computer art design, ads decoration, and design show, which also give a strong foundation for students¡¯ employment. Most graduates are employed in Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding cities to do their professional employment with some students going abroad to do international business, which makes a good action between this department and the society.

Department of Foreign Language and Art Design cultivates talents of business English and art design with higher level of technique and application. Special attention is paid to quality education to improve students¡¯ humanities and communication abilities and to develop their intelligence in order to foster the socialistic builder that beauty of heart ,wisdom ,body develops in the round? by a series of colorful activities of improving their abilities of practice, creation, employment and establishment of a business. ?Our education concept of high qualification, high level and high taste has been accepted by the leaders of the college. Often, the CEO of some enterprises, hosts of Cangzhou TV station etc, come to our department to give lectures broadening? students¡¯ horizon and benefiting them much.

Department of Foreign Language and Art Design sets up ¡°Improving both morality and physical appearance and completing in both talent and art¡± as department instruction. Inside quality and outside appearance, versatility and all-round development are the key intension of the department instruction.

Our duty is to foster students with high qualification, high level and high taste. Three years¡¯ learning at school can make them expand their mind, have an ambitious agenda, stand out in studies and perfect their quality, own strong professional skills to hunt a dream job, which also can meet the needs of the society for talents with high qualification.

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