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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering of Cangzhou Vocational College of Technology provides such majors as Number-controlling Technology, Mould Design and Fabrication, Welding Technique and Automation , Automobile Detection and Maintenance. Among them, Number-controlling Technology and Automobile Detection and Maintenance are Four Much-needed Majors in China.

Department of Mechanical Engineering is developed with rich qualified teachers, advanced equipments, progressive higher education concept with 33 professional teachers, among which 3 professors, 8 associate professors,11 middle-rank professional titles. Its branches are Number-controlling Technology Office, Mould and Molding Office, Basic and Automobile Office,etc.

The college has Ħ°two centers and one baseĦħ: Mechanical Technology Training Center ( including 14 training rooms: mechanics of materials lab, hydraulic-pressure drive lab, tolerance-survey lab, metallographical lab, machine-theory and machine-parts lab, NC automobile training area, NC milling machine training area, special processing training area, mould application training area, mould-making training room, reverse engineering training room, welding training room, automobile training room, CAD/CAM training room, etc.) Automation Technology Training Center (including 12 rooms: 2 electronic labs, electrician training room, electronic training room, single chip training room, detection training room, PLC training room, machine-tool ?electric training room, EDA training room, electric-motor dragging training room, electrical power training room, electricity transform training room) and Electromechanical Technology Training Base ( including 5 workshops: processing Technology Training, locksmith workshop, welding workshop, plumber workshop, external-line electrician).

Outside of the college are many enterprises of mechanical production, NC processing, mould production, automobile maintenance, welding etc. for our long-term practice bases.

All staff and students of Department of Mechanical Engineering welcome you!

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