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Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering ,with the longest history, includes: Applied Chemical Technique, Chemical Pharmacy Technique,Food Process Technique ,Construction Decoration Materials and Testing, etc.

Department of Chemical Engineering is developed with rich qualified teachers of rational age-structure with 20 professional teachers, 5 high-rank titles,1 high experimentalist, 8 middle-rank titles. For a long time, all staff have been a united, progressive team with its dedicated working spirit and professional ethics. To adapt to new development of vocational education and to foster students¡¯ practical skills, teachers are active in teaching reform, in optimizing concept of vocational education. To meet the needs of the society and to realize students¡¯ employment ¡°zero¡± adaptation, this department is making progress in Enterprise-and-School Joint Running for smoothing students¡¯ employment channels by students¡¯ ¡° one student with more certificates¡±¡± one major with more skills¡±, which is outstanding features of this department.

With the teachers¡¯ careful cultivation, the students become technique and management? personnel. In recent years, the students are in short supply, leading to some companies to pre-reserve graduates a year ahead of schedule, which forms ¡° Orders-integrated Cultivation¡± with a good reputation in the society.

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